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Toddler Time

Related image2-3 Year Olds

Related imageAdult participation is welcome

Related imagePhysical and cognitive skills learned through structured games

Related imageStructured class enviroment


Tiny Cheer

Related image3-5 Year Olds

Related imageLearning introduction to cheerleading

Related imageJumps, Motions, and Dance with minimal stunts

Related imageImproved social skills as well as balance, coordination, and strength


Pre K Gym Class

Related image3-4 Year Olds

Related imageWorking on Fundamental tumbling skills

Related imageStimulate learning through fun!


Super Hero Training Academy

3-5 Year Olds

Games, activities, and explore as  a superhero!

Beginning tumbling skills, balance and coordination acquired during class!

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Tiny Tumbling Class

Related image4-5 Year olds

Related image30 minutes class


Tiny Cheerleading Pre-Team

 Related image Ages 4-5 years old

 Related image Local performances

 Related image $75 dollars a month - includes a t-shirt and bow


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