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11/21/2016 - It's time to CELEBRATE already!

Congrats Guardian Angels, Majesty and Virtues, Radiance & Glory your going to Summit!

Way to go on your Paid Bid to Worlds Archangels!

Congrats Archangels your going to Worlds!

01/25/2017 - Ready to be an Angel? . . . Teams start forming in April!

06/07/2016 - Cheer St. Louis Wins US Finals Championships

Please help us congratulate the following teams on winning US Finals Champions.

  • Radiance, a youth level two team made up of athletes ages seven to eleven
  • Thrones, a junior level three team made up of athletes ages ten to fourteen
  • Guardian Angels, a senior restricted level five team made up of athletes ages ten to eighteen

Click the link below to view our press release for winning US Finals